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Hand pallet trucks

Low lifting hand pallet truck


Low lifting models

The low lifting range of CESAB Hand Pallet Trucks (capacity ranging between 2.0 and 3.0 ton) includes many different versions and configurations to meet the demands of the market, such as a handbra

high lifting models cesab hand pallet truck


High lifting models

The high lifting model H200 (at 1.0 ton capacity) – also available with an electric lift motor – is a versatile truck ideal to use as a height-adjustable ergonomic working table.

Powered pallet trucks

powered pallet truck cesab p100


Compact and manoeuvrable

Eliminate manual pulling, pushing and lifting of loads and improve productivity. The CESAB P113 powered pallet truck is an ideal upgrade from a hand pallet truck.

powered pallet truck cesab p200


Effortless pallet handling

When it comes to the needs of pedestrian operations, the CESAB P200 powered pallet truck range means business.

CESAB P216i - the new Li-Ion designed powered pallet truck


The new Li-Ion designed powered pallet truck

With this P216i low lifter, solely designed around our modular Li-Ion concept CESAB adds a new model with unique features to the proven CESAB

Offering the same outstanding quality and performance the new CESAB P216i is shorter, lower and lighter and has all the advantages of the Li-ion: no battery swapping, no separate c

powered pallet truck cesab p300


Compact size, big on performance

CESAB P300 powered pallet trucks deliver an uncompromising combination of compact manoeuvrability and high performance.

Powered stacker trucks

cesab stacker truck s100


Low intensity models

Used in grocery and retail stores, offices, warehouses and manufacturing industry, the CESAB S100 Series is an excellent choice for low intensity applications and confined areas.

cesab stacker truck s200


Effortless pallet handling

When it comes to the needs of walkie operations, the CESAB S200 powered stacker range means business.

cesab stacker truck s300


Versatility meets performance

The CESAB S300 range brings heavy duty performance to the CESAB range of powered stacker trucks.

Reach trucks

cesab reach truck r100


Clever functionality

Form follows function - the CESAB R100 is a practical easy to operate reach truck which is designed to deliver high manoeuvrability, reliability and safety to materials handling operations.